For Girls “Equality in the Relationship” is Most Important While Choosing a Partner : BharatMatrimony Survey Reveals


Pune, November 29, 2018: A BharatMatrimony matchmaking survey to find out “What girls expect from a life partner” saw more than 1000 women participants share their opinion.

When asked “what’s more important to you” while choosing a partner, 44% of the women respondents said “Equality is most important in a relationship.”

In response to “Do you believe there’s any work strictly defined as a man’s or a woman’s job” a whopping 90% of the respondents feel that everything is equal be it career, household chores or baby care.

As for “What are the things your partner must do,” 74% of them feel it’s more important for their partner to take up equal responsibility in bringing up the kids. 86% feel that taking care of their parents as his own is more important. Apart from this, women also want their partner to stand by their choices.

Talking about things they’re ok with if their men don’t do, 68% of women are okay with their husband not dropping them at their office every day and 54% are fine if they don’t join them for shopping.

When asked “which things you’d not let go of,” around 64% said they will not sacrifice religious beliefs, 35% said they cannot let go of their passion for things including dance and music.

Launching the matchmaking survey results, Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO at explained, “BharatMatrimony is constantly looking to highlight the aspirations of young girls when it comes to finding a life partner. The progressive girls of today are very clear about their choices and it’s our endeavour to understand customer expectations and offer services that are relevant to their aspirations. The survey insights help us understand the aspirations of young women, improve our product and enhance the customer experience. In fact our TV Ads have always been known for the positive portrayal of women. In 2013, BharatMatrimony redefined compatibility in marriage by highlighting the right of women to work for her self-fulfillment and we even won a Laadli Jury citation at the sixth National Laadli Media & Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity.”