Engineers should learn ‘Social Engineering’- Rajendra Nimbalkar


Advised Engineers to increase Capacity Building

Pune : “Contribution of the engineers to the construction of the city’s infrastructure is of great importance, they are sculptors of water allocation, road construction, tourism monuments and many other things, but often there is a lack of coordination in the department, which results in delays in the work, so that engineers should learn ‘social engineering’. Engineers should work unilaterally, “said Additional Municipal Commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation, Rajendra Nimbalkar.

Rajendra Nimbalkar was speaking at the felicitation ceremony of retired engineers and meritorious students’ organized by the Pune Municipal Corporation’s Engineer’s Union on the occasion of the National Engineer’s Day. On the occasion, Chief Engineer Anirudh Pawaskar, City Engineer Prashant Waghmare, Senior journalist Parag Karandikar, Sunil Kadam, Shivaji Lanke, Satish Bhosrekar, Vasant Patil, Pradeep Beldar, Engineer Mitra’s Editor Kamalakant Vadelkar, Narendra Wagh, Sanjay Pol and other dignitaries were present.

Rajendra Nimbalkar said, “There is a scope for improvement in every work and criticism will be there, neglecting all the negative barrier, we should try to improve it without being frustrated. One should love the work he is doing, and should try to increase the capacity building; it is all right to take help from the counselor wherever it is necessary. You must pay attention to your skills and make sure that your skills get used in a right way. It requires internal interaction and should have confidence in ourselves. “

Parag Karandikar said, “Media tries to attack on the negative aspects and forcefully pushes to make it positive, so the good things should be spoken out. Engineers are the sculptures of the city. An engineer should plan a construction considering the problems of future. We should have something to show our next generation that we did something appreciable. Engineers should not be an agent, for this, engineer’s team should take initiative for capacity building.”

Sunil Kadam compered the program. Simran Pirajade gave the vote of thanks.