Pune Prahar : HORIZON, a story book and BEYOND THE BOX, a technical book written by Dhanashri Jog released online via Facebook Live


Pune: HORIZON, a storybook and BEYOND THE BOX, a technical book written by renowned entrepreneur & Technical consultant. Dhanashri Jog, released online via Facebook Live recently. It’s first time any book released on an online platform. Due to the COVID-19 situation, Dhanashri decidey to release these two books by using the ZOOM and Facebook live platforms.

Medha Kulkarni, former MLA presided over the function, while Anant Kalvit, President of ZF Gearing Services was the guest of honor. Along with Dhanashri, Manjusha Vaidya, Amey Jog were also present on these platforms for the program. Horizon is a storybook and based on real-life experience and it replicates humanity, While Beyond The Box, is a technical book which includes very important Technical improvement techniques.
Anant Kalvit said that out of the box thinking is very important to tackle the bad situations. Currently, due to COVID-19 epidemic all operations are stopped and we all in a bad patch. To fight this situation, we need to think out of the box and accept new challenges as opportunities.
Medha Kulkarni in her speech mentioned that, Dhanashri has tried to put her experience in story format. We can also relate to it rather while reading it feels like it’s our experiences. In her opening remarks Dhanashri mentioned that her experiences and expertise are the themes of these books. Manjusha Vaidya and Amey Jog compared the program.