BVG 108 Ambulance Service is Proved as Life Saver in Maharashtra: Eknath Shinde Shinde felicitated doctors and pilots of 108 for helping flood victims


Pune : Public health and family welfare minister Eknath Shinde said that 108 Ambulance service, which was launched to provide immediate medical help to Road Traffic Accident (RTA) patient or those in medical emergency, is a lifeline of Maharashtra. He was speaking at a felicitation ceremony of 108 Doctors and Pilots held at the headquarters of Sangvi recently. Vice President of BVG Datta Gaikwad, Chief Executive Officer of Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services Dnyaneshwar Shelke was also present on the occasion.

Minister Shinde further said, “108 ambulances have helped thousands of citizens. This service has made it possible to save life of 43 lakh 15 thousand 9 patients through 937 ambulances available in the state from 2014 to August 2019.

Immediate medical assistance is given to anyone who dials 108 from the accident spot. This service is free for all. About 33,000 babies have been successfully delivered in ambulance under 108 staff’s observation. 108 Ambulances played a vital role during floods in Sangli, Kolhapur, Satara and Pune for transporting thousands of people to hospital.”

Due to this ambulance, it could be possible to admit 3 lakh 49 thousand 16 Road Traffic Accident patients in hospital on time between 2014 to August 2019. Millions of lives have been saved by getting essential first aid services immediately after the accident. So far, victims have received on time first aid medical treatment for 13 different types of medical emergencies.

The state-of-the-art ambulance service has been launched to provide treatment to the patient in the Golden Hour in case of road accidents, natural disasters, or any kind of medical emergencies. A toll free number 108 has been spread to call for ambulance. The ambulance has provided immediate medical treatment through millions of calls received in the last 5 years in Maharashtra.

Dr. Shelke said that in the last five years, about 33,328 pregnant women have successfully undergone childbirth in the state. Under this service, 937 ambulances are operated in the state.

Also, two years ago a Bike Ambulance service was started in Mumbai. So far 22000 patients have been saved through this Bike Ambulance Service.

After success of Bike Ambulance, it was expanded and at present, a total of 30 bike ambulances are operating in the state in which 18 in Mumbai, 5 each in Palghar, Amravati and 1 each in Solapur, Gadchiroli.

This is How Flood Victims were Helped…

Maharashtra Emergency Medical Service operates 24 ambulances in Sangli District. There are 36 ambulances operating in Kolhapur District. Simultaneously 32 ambulances are operating in Satara District. 10 additional ambulances were dispatched to Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara due to critical flood situation. During this, a cute baby was also delivered in ambulance.