Paresh Trivedi is a visionary producer-writer


Limited Film Budget, Location Difficulties and Debutant cast and crew isn’t a problem for passionate producer-writer Paresh Trivedi who brings to you variety of short films that inspire you to think big.

Paresh Trivedi is a visionary producer-writer. His stories present to the viewers strong characters, unconventional storylines and intriguing plots that leave a mark on the viewers’ mind. He breathes life into
mundane settings and brings new perspectives to light. It is not a small feat to create an impactful short film within limited time constraints, but Paresh Trivedi has managed to create not one but three beautiful short films – Pause, Baeutifull and

Pause is Paresh Trivedi’s wonderful perception of love, companionship and romance. Set in the urban city of Mumbai, this story revolves around the life of a newlywed couple and their inhibitions. This is a story of giving love a second chance and choosing happiness in any relationship. This is a heart – warming story of ordinary people which makes the story extremely relatable. It touches upon trials and tribulations of ordinary people and their relationships. This short film is a must watch if you are a romantic person at heart. It will leave you spell bound and leave with the idea of rising in love as opposed to falling in love.

Paresh Trivedi’s Baeutifull is one of the most creative representations of failures as a stepping stone for success. It brings home the message that mistakes are not the end of your endeavor and overcoming those mistakes will pave the path for success. Trying again and again, can get
frustrating, but keeping calm and walking ahead will ultimately lead to success. This short film is a beautifully created, simple work of art that is inspiring and uplifting. If you’re ever feeling low in life, you must watch this short film to feel positive, and know that Life is Beautiful!

The yet to be launched film is an extremely different genre, it is an enthralling horror film. Leveraging the presence of digital media, Paresh Trivedi has produced and written this masterpiece. A story featuring friends, a holiday and horror, is a
website that is predestined to send a person to hell. Watch this spine-chilling short film on your next binge watch with your friends.

Short films are very difficult to make. Within limited time constraints and budget, Paresh Trivedi’s creations are marvelous. He has touched upon different genres so you can enjoy romance, horror or even simple inspirational stories. Each story is guaranteed to leave you in
awe, keeping you wanting more.