Professor Khijar Ahemad Pathan emerged as a first PhD student from Trinity college


Pune : Professor Pathan Khijar Ahemed Nasir Khan who is from Trinity College of Engineering and Research has received a Ph.D for his research on Drag force. He emerged as first student of the college to recieve Ph.D. The journey wasn’t easy for him, he struggled a lot to receive Ph.D in very less time.

Pathan has presented and published over 15 papers in conferences in America, England, Iraq, Malaysia and other countries. He is working as professor in Mechanical dept. He was guided by Dr. Prakash Dabeer for Ph.D on drag force to increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles. Drag force is a one of the important challenge for projectiles, rockets, missiles and vehicles. Prof Pathan also said that reducing drag pressure is important for defense and astronomy field.

Recently he was felicitate by Kalyan Jadhav, President KJ educational institutes. On the occasion Dr Hemant Abhyankar, Executive Director, Dr Vyasraj Kakhandaki, Director, Dr Haribhau Fakatkar, Principal of the college, Dr Bharat Shinde HOD of mechanical dept were present on the occasion.