Afghanistan Consul General invited Indians to expand businesses


Pune: Global India Business Forum (GIBF) organised a seminar on ‘Trade Beyond West: Business Opportunities in Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Indonesia’ on Saturday in the city. The representatives from Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Indonesia presented the trade opportunities in their countries. Nadeem Sharifee, Consul General of Afghanistan, Tesfamarium Meskel, Consul General of Ethiopia were present.

The seminar opened up with a panel discussion on the topic ‘Trade Beyond West’ where experts like Anant Sardeshmukh, Director General of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), Hitendra Admuthe, Vice Chairman of IIMM, Hari Srivastava, Head, Human Resource & Commercial Departments, Oriental Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd, Nikhil Oswal, World Trade Center, Pune. This panel discussion was about looking for trade opportunities and challenges in countries apart from Europe and the United States of America.

Nadeem Sharifee said, “We have business opportunities in Petroleum, Medicine, Fruits and dry-fruits industry. In export of this products Indian businessman can start their trading in Afghanistan. We are looking for carpet, marbles, silk and many other businesses also. We are opened and put red carpet for Indians. Business starting process and Tax system is so simple in our country. So that, I appeal to Indian businessman to come to Afghanistan for expand their businesses.”

Talking about the trade opportunities, Dr Sardeshmukh said, “The current environment is quite motivating and conducive for expanding Indian trade and business not only in India but abroad as well. There are ample number of opportunities that have opened up globally and we need to go beyond the traditional ways of doing trade. Looking at only the US and Europe as markets will not be suffice as we need to look beyond that There are ample opportunities in African countries, middle east and we have strength to exploit that.”

Hari Srivastava said, “ There are opportunities in African countries but those economies has challenges as well as they are developing and undergoing transformation. While we are looking at them as a potential market, there is China also already looking there.”

Nikhil Oswal said, “There are local and cultural challenges in these countries. Language can also act as one big constraint but if you adopt the culture and learn the language, there are lots of opportunities. Labor reforms is something we need to do. The smaller industries cannot manage the ‘gundaism’ (hooliganism) happening outside their doors. These small companies are scared of expanding as they fear to manage large number of workers. It is important for all the stakeholders to take it to another level. Once there are labor reformation, it will enhance the productivity and quality of products.”

After the seminar GIBF has felicitated 25 business for their achievements. Dr Neelam Gorhe, MLC & Leader of Shivsena, Dr Jitendra Joshi, Global President of GIBF, Deepali Gadkari, Abhishek Joshi were present on this occasion.