Pune: Hope Foundation and research centre’s International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT) and Natarajan Education Society (NES) jointly called for a national movement to enable millions of women to become entrepreneurs and create worthy jobs for their fellow citizens. Pune has been a role model for women to succeed and the lessons can be taken country-wide.

Dr Ganesh Natarajan, Founding Trustee of NES said “We have seen in the corporate and social sector that women, given the right encouragement and opportunities can exceed all expectations. In fact, in our eco-system which consist of eleven organisations, nine are led with distinction by women. The time has come for women to become entrepreneurs on a large scale and create the jobs and livelihoods the country needs.”

Ms Aruna Katara, President of the Hope Foundation and Research Centre said “Through the last many editions of this conclave we have showcased outstanding women from all walks of life and inspired thousands of young people to embark on successful careers. This year we are showcasing the success stories of both women entrepreneurs and career builders and given a special call for more entrepreneurs to emerge.”

Dr Annurag Batra, Chairman of BW Businessworld & Exchange4media shared the 5 Mantras to become a Good Entrepreneur. He said, that “Good Intent matters”; “Believe in every word you say and the subconscious creates the path for you”; “Feminine qualities like Love, compassion, Kindness, Keeping Commitments are requisites of an Entrepreneur”; “Recognize your passion and be happy and centred”; “God helps those who help themselves and others”. He believes that Results is an outcome of Hard Work and “If you can dream it, Do it”.

The panel discussion at Women’s Prowess led by Dr. Uma Ganesh, Chairperson of Global Talent Track featured success stories from Manufacturing (Ms. Uma Nidmarty – CEO, Lectrotek Ltd.); IT (Ms. Dipti Agrawal – Co-Founder & CEO, Tudip Software); Social (Parul Vaidya – General Manager, Social Venture Partners, Pune Chapter), Journalism (Sheetal Kharka – Vice President, BW BusinessWorld) and other sectors. These successful women’s felicitated with the hands of chief guests.