Sula presents WDC Sundowner Pune event marks a hattrick success


Pune, 21st January, 2019: Presented by Sula and Powered by Lemma Technologies, WDC Sundowner Pune experienced an overwhelming success with its 3rd consecutive chapter recently held at Classic Rock Coffee Co., Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Hosted by CLICKS Technologies, city’s well-known digital marketing as well as technology professionals were present at the event to share their knowledge with the participants while getting involved in an engaging panel discussion.

At the event, the Sundowner keynote speaker Mr. Nirav Shah, Digital Marketing Head, Syska gave insights on Personalization & Emotional Quotient in a Digital Way. He showed examples of personalized marketing with successful campaigns and videos.Mr. Rajeev Dev, Vice President – Digital Solutions, Cybage Software and another keynote speaker of the evening helped the audience understand the transformation journey. The personality development speaker Ms. Neha Mishra, Founder, Neha Talks emphasized the importance of constant and systematic learning for professionalsAmong the guests and partners were Mr. Amit Rawat, Headstart, Outreach Partner;Mr. Kushal Mamarde, Fab Media Works, Photography Partner and Mr. Kshitij Katyayan, CLICKS Technologies..

An initiative by author, entrepreneur and digital marketing trainer AditChouhan, World Digital Conclave is envisaged to be a platform where all global leaders from the Digital and Tech arenas come together and share latest insights from the industry. Adit has initiated a local version of it as #WDCSundownerPune which focuses on bringing the local community of digital marketing and technology professionals together to connect, collaborate and cultivate their professional life every month. After witnessing the huge success of the event’s third chapter, WDC Sundowners team is excited about the upcoming Sundowners planned on 23rdFeb, 23rd March, 20th April and so on. Details of these are available on their website – And, will soon be organizing other chapters in major cosmopolitan cities of India and abroad.

“We are able to reach the right set of people through the Sundowners and hope to make the community stronger and more bonded as we move forward. The best part is when we have those who were speakers earlier or who are speakers for future events join us at the event to attend sessions of current speakers. Thisshows mutual respect, knowledge sharing and admiration. Moreover, we are seeing participants from Mumbai joining us as well which is encouraging.” says Adit Chouhan, Founder, CLICKS Technologies and WDC.

“Personalization has been a debated topic in the online world since it is leading to a different experience of a website by every user. Some call it biased and some as intelligent. Businesses today need to know how to benefit from personalization by following the emotional quotient of their target customers. I’m pleased to be a part of WDC Sundowner Pune for exploring such imperative topics especially with youngsters” says, Mr. Nirav Shah, Digital Marketing Head, Syska.

Speaking about his contribution, Mr. Rajeev Dev, Vice President – Digital Solutions, Cybage Software, says “Digital Transformation has more cases of failures all across the globe since most of those who are planning or executing it do not understand the depth of it. DT is a continuous process and need not have an end date at all. Key stakeholders need to understand that. WDC actively picks trending yet engaging topics that not only help businesses, but also individuals to utilize Digital media for various benefits.”

“Curiosity is the way forward for continuous learning. It helps one to explore industry insights to keep up to the latest trends, approach and technology. Once curiosity dies, learning stops. Hence as professionals, we need to engage in conscious and planned learning. I am glad to be a part of WDC Sundowner which is a fantastic platform for focused learning.” says, Ms. Neha Mishra, Founder, Neha Talks.

Speaking about his association with WDC Sundowner Pune, Mr. Amit Rawat, Chapter Head, Headstart Pune, Community Partner said, “We’re always glad to nurture startups and entrepreneurs and helping them familiarize with the latest trends and technologies related to their industry as well as digital advancements.An association with WDC Sundowners is a win-win for all and we really appreciate it.”

“Networking events always help individuals and businesses grow, but events like WDC Sundowner, also explore some interesting topics with a dual combo of technology and digital media. It’s highly pleasing to get connected with the experts who contribute in such events,” says, Mr. Kushal Mamarde, Fab Media Works, Photography Partner.

Commenting about their contribution, Mr. Kshitij Katyayan,Vice President – Business Expansion and Relationships, CLICKS Technologies says, “We envisioned creating a platform for sharing knowledge in the field of technology and digital media. When the world is moving from paper to Digital, we should also understand the power and responsibility the digital media holds. Observing the increasing response with each passing event, we’re clear and firm to host it with engaging topics and expert opinions. With Sula and Lemma Technologies helping us as Sponsors, it motivates us to do better every month.”

WDC is open to explore strategic alliances, both locally as well as globally, to improve the event experience for the participants. And, brands looking for any type of association should approach them freely.