Nandkishore Cultural Society receives recognition by Maharastra State Government for Kathak dance exams


Nandkishore Cultural Society has received recognition by Maharashtra State Government for their Kathak Classical Dance Certification and Diploma examinations.  Kathak students certified by Nandkishore Cultural Society can avail of extra marks for their HSc 10th standard examinations throughout Maharashtra. Dr. Pt. Nandkishore Kapote, Kathak exponent and Artistic Director of  Nandkishore Cultural Society says, “students who achieve proficiency in Kathak Classical dance can expect upto 15 marks upon completion of 5 Kathak levels and upto 10 marks extra upon completion of 3 Kathak levels.

This is a great benefit offered by the Maharastra government as it will be helpful to students who are applying for admission to college”.

Nandkishore Cultural Society has also been selected by the Maharashtra State Government for communicating various social  and sustainability  messages through dance. Messages through dance will help the government to create awareness on pollution, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (cleanliness drive), care of new mothers and baby and other social messages.