Youth become responsible while using Social Media : Atulchandra Kulkarni


Pune: Our lifestyle is changing drastically because of the social media. Our private life is becoming public. And this is resulting into increase in feeling of insecurity and also being used for illegal purposes too. Hence, use this medium responsibly, asks additional director general of police(CID) Atulchandra Kulkarni.

He was speaking at annual award distribution ceremony in annual gathering ‘Tarang’ of Pune Vidyarthi Gruh’s College Of Engineering and Technology. This event happened at Muktangan Highschool in Sahkarnagar. This event was attended by institute’s head of office Subhash Jirage, trustee Rajendra Kamble, HOD Sunil Redekar, director Krushnaji Kulkarni, Ramesh Kulkarni, Rajendra Kaduskar, principle Dr. Yogesh Nerkar, Dr Kalyani Kulkarni. Subhash Jirage, Rajendra Kamble also spoke.

Further he said, there is constant increase in number of students going abroad for studies. We should not forget our identity even if we travel anywhere around the world. We should not forget our schools, colleges and teachers.